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My Skills Highlights

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Raising the Bar

I want to connect with as many people as possible and create positive environments for them.

I'm Fluent in both English and Spanish. Plus a proud novice Portuguese (Brasilian) speaker that continues learning. And now dipping my toes in French.

English-       1132 million speakers

Spanish-      534 million speakers 

Portuguese- 234 million speakers

French-        280 million speakers



Inclusive and Kind

I have a strong passion for culture, helping others grow, and a proven record of building happy productive teams. 
I am a leader of culturally diverse teams at local, territory and global levels. Skilled at leading teams (both in-person and virtually) across Asia, Pacific, Central & Latin America. Experience with organizational development and training.



I strive to not fit in a box! 

You will see I have a variety of skills from different business areas during my 16+ years working for a Fortune 100 Corporation. 

Large scale global projects:

Project Management, Language Program for Retail employees, Onboarding Program for Retail, Org creation, Training & development, Sales Management, Process improvement and development, Corporate Social Responsibility, pricing, strong Retail and Merchandising acumen.

•Fluent English/Spanish speaker & novice Portuguese

•Leadership of culturally diverse teams

•Process improvement & development

•DE&I activations and initiatives

•Project Management

•Retail & Merch Acumen

•Budgeting and Sales management

•Adult and digital training and learning and development

•Organizational structure creation & implementation 

Plus, I invest my time in Employee Resource Groups to be apart of a positive working experience for our diverse communities.

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My Experience

Here are a few job highlights, not all inclusive. In my career, I've always had an opportunity to learn, grow, and continue developing both as a person and a professional.

April 2021 - Present

Asia Pacific & Latin America Nike Employee Experience Manager

Overall focus on career development for retail employees which represent 70% of workforce in Nike APLA Geography.

  • Drove English language digital program POC and successful global scale implementation for 70% of workforce, managing vendor partnership, country leadership and budgets.

  • Directed a company Maxim Award winning career development stretch program, launch across 5 countries while partnering with 12 cross functional partners to create governance with Legal and HR partners, as well as employee experience satisfaction.

  • Crafted innovative data driven metrics with employee insights to shape Geography Store of the Year program, using all platforms to celebrate & recognize employees, NSP.COM/ Korea Metaverse/ Workvivo.

  • Designed and executed summit to increase sense of belonging and engagement for Athlete Experience team, partnering with 17 facilitators and vendors, and live translation in multiple languages.

  • Developed career development strategy for a globally diverse 5k+ employee population by leveraging insights data to inform priorities and metrics.

June 2019- Present

Asia Pacific & Latin America
Nike Stores Training & Service Excellence Manager

  • Lead international team to achieve business results and create new processes.

  • Craft and managed innovative training plan for new Nike Store concept in Tokyo Japan, while grounding store teams in the community.

  • Partnered with Social Community Impact Leadership team to create and execute strategy for Nike Community Ambassador program in each country.

  • Built scorecard across 8 territories to measure social impact, equality, and development of 10,000+ firstline teams. 

  • Quickly react to 30% fleet store closures to provide weekly educational programing to Nike Firstline teams in all languages and track engagemnet. 

2017 - 2019

Nike Latin America Retail Manager

  • Lead multiple latin countries of total  $74M retail revenue business for Nike, with a focus on strategy and communication alignment. 

  • Influenced and lead latin distributor retail organization model reset and alignment to Nike strategy. 

  • Impact social change with HER in latin territories to celebrate International Womens' Day through NGOs, Coaches Across Continents, in Colombia and Peru. 

  • Project owner for Nike stores, gained high recognition and visibility for best in class hyper local Nike Store in Colombia, Calle 82. Strong partnership with Brand team.

  • Innovated digital retail book for multiple country team visits in an effort to reduce carbon footprint. 


Nike Stores Merchandising Manager

  • Established new business planning structure and new processes to increase profitability and alignment. 

  • Manage the relationship between Colombia futbol club and Nike roduct creation teams for promo and retail line. 

  • Innovated digital retail book for multiple country team visits in an effort to reduce carbon footprint. 

2012- 2014

Business Analyst & Merchandising Operations

  • Educate and influence merchandising and account teams on marketplace needs thru linepan productivity, resulting in 2x unit volume growth.

  • and more.....


Emerging Markets Sr Admin

Managed the budget for three cost centers, and supported a team of 90+ international employees. Created letters of invite and visa renewals for employees from Asia and Latin America.


Nike journey started

I have had many roles and responsibilities from my years with Nike, giving me incredible experiences and a wealth of knowledge. 

~If curious to know more, just connect with me.


Bachelors of Science


Leadership & Cultural Communication 

Associate of Applied Science

Portland Community College


- Early Childhood Education certificate
- Certified Nursing Assistant

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