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I’m Tara!


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My life story is one of adversity and triumph, coming from humble beginnings. This has fueled my yearning to grow so that I can give back to others in need.


I approach every challenge with positivity, enthusiasm, and a desire to achieve success. This passion and drive have given me opportunities and unique experiences in all aspects of life.


​Global mindset.

Passionate about culture.

Curious about connection.

Bridge builder, relator, introspective.

Finding ways to be eco conscious.

Grew up around squirrels,

but love iguanas too!

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My Businesses


I love to SERVE OTHERS. 

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Morning Wood Creations

Creating unique home goods with beautiful, rare, high quality and sustainable wood from Oregon.

We believe that the world would be a happier place, if people could enjoy more time to connect and cultivate lasting relationships. 

Rodan + Fields

Executive Consultant--
I donate 100% of my proceeds to families in need.

Female founders. Skincare solutions designed to give you the best skin of your life and the confidence that comes with it.

Tulum Pleasures
Real Estate

I invite you to experience the magic of the mayan jungle...

I am in love with Tulum, and believe everyone needs the soulful peace that is found in this magical jungle. We have two precious gems for your stay. Let us help to give you an amazing vacation!


My Skills Highlights



Inclusive and Kind

I have a strong passion for culture, helping others grow, and a proven record of building happy productive teams. 
I am a leader of culturally diverse teams at local, territory and global levels. Skilled at leading teams (both in-person and virtually) across Asia, Pacific, Central & Latin America. Experience with organizational development and training.

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Raising the Bar

I want to connect with as many people as possible and create positive environments for them.

I'm Fluent in both English and Spanish. Plus a proud novice Portuguese (Brasilian) speaker that continues learning. And now dipping my toes in French.

English-       1132 million speakers

Spanish-      534 million speakers 

Portuguese- 234 million speakers

French-        280 million speakers



I strive to not fit in a box! 

You will see I have a variety of skills from different business areas during my 14+ years working for a Fortune 100 Corporation. 

Role creation, Budgeting and Sales Management, Project Management, Process improvement and development, Corporate Social Responsibility, Training & development, strong Retail and Merchandising acumen.

Plus, I invest my time in Employee Resource Groups to be apart of a positive working experience for our diverse communities.

ARco iris week of service winning photo.

Volunteer Work

Giving Back



Playground Fundraising! 
Dedicated and active volunteer for bilingual school, and passionately fundraising for a school playground!
This is the least active generation in history, kids are made to play!

Adopt a family


Every year there are families that struggle to make ends meet for their basic needs, and at Christmas time with children this can be heartbreaking. I adopt a family each year between 3-5 members and provide food, toilet paper, clothes, toys, and any special items requested by the children on their wishlist in the hope of providing some joy during the holidays.

Nike Latino Network


Purposefully connect the brand to our diverse communities. Ensure authenticity, inspire and amplify consumer voices, and educate employees on brand efforts to serve diverse communities.

Let's Connect!

I’d love to hear from you.
Check out my media and sites below.

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